What are the best programmable robots for kids?

There are many robotics packages available to kids that are proven to be useful in teaching a STEM-based education (i.e Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Employer demand for STEM qualifications and skills is high, and will continue to increase in the future. 

1. The Lego Mindstorm series are regarded as some of the highest quality and easiest accessible robotics kits available. Paired with the EV3 programmer application, the package is directed towards kids who enjoy both the Lego building process and technology, leaving a lot of room for creative input.

3. Boe-Bot is an advanced robotics kit targeted at ages 13 and above. It’s a basic three-wheeled, roll-about robot that is highly extensible, allowing over 50 modifications. Programming is done using the native PBASIC language and very basic schematics which can be found online.

4. Robolinks Rokit package gives children the tools to assemble up to 11 different types of robots. The package includes a set of motors, circuit boards, micro controllers, as well as a comprehensive set of online tutorials and guides which will help walk users through the build process with ease. 

5. Dash and Dot  is a simple and educational way to introduce children to programming and robotics. By utilising the wonderful Blockly visual programming language, children are given a visual guide to learn programming and construct their personal robot that to interact with the world.

6. Thymio is a budget-friendly programmable robot that comes with multiple sensors for the student to engage with creatively. It has a colourful user interface designed specifically for kids and all components, both hardware and software, are open source backed by a thriving community of developers.


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