Are “kid coding” programs (Scratch, Lego Robotics, etc) worthwhile?

“Kid Coding” platforms such as Scratch, Blockley and the Lego Robotics range have all been proven to be an effective platform to learn technical concepts at a very young age, while still remaining fun and engaging.

Picking up the core concepts of programming does not come naturally to most people, and these platforms offer a medium to understand complex concepts through a visually-appealing and playful platform. Many studies have demonstrated that both children and adults are often more receptive to new concepts when they enjoy the experience, particularly when it stimulates their creative side. 

Programming experience and academic qualifications do not matter much to creatives, and learning platforms like those mentioned provide a great platform for children who are not technically skilled but would like to get a basic idea off the ground. Having even the most basic coding skills can prove incredibly useful in later life.

Coding applications that are directed towards kids are becoming hugely popular among educators, parents, and those in the technology sector who aim to upskill their workforce. While some argue that coding itself is not completely relevant to a career in technology in the future (rather, “that it is the ability to apply and use software productively that is the issue”), most agree that the concepts and skills gained through learning coding are applicable many different disciplines.




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