1. Are “Kid Coding” programs (Scratch, Lego Robotics, etc) worthwhile?
  2. What is the Ideal Age to Teach your Kids Programming?
  3. How is Learning Robotics Good for Kids?
  4. What are the Benefits of Studying Robotics for Kids?
  5. Between Java and Python, which one is better to learn first and why?
  6. What are the Best Programmable Robots for Kids?
  7. Which Programming Language should a Beginner Start with and what are the steps necessary to learn it?
  8. Is Tynker a useful Product for Teaching Kids to Program?
  9. How do children transition from a Block Interface to native code?
  10. What software does my child need to start Scratch or Python?
  11. What’s the completion rate for online courses like Code Academy? Are they appropriate for kids?
  12. Doesn’t Music Teach the same Cognitive Skills as Coding?
  13. Why is it important that my Child Learns to Code?
  14. Is Scratch the same as Blockly?
  15. What is Competitive Coding?
  16. Are there any Standards or Certificates that Students can earn to Demonstrate their Coding Skills?
  17. How can I assess my student Progress in Learning to Code?
  18. What is the benefit of a Curriculum-Based Program?
  19. What is a “class” in Python
  20. What is Unity?
  21. Why is a Block Interface Helpful?
  22. Is Scratch a Commercial Language? Is it used in the real world?
  23. What age learner is Scratch targeted to?
  24. What is Scratch?
  25. What is Blockly?
  26. What age should you start Teaching Programming to Kids?
  27. What are some unique insights about how kids learn to code, and how can those insights help with teaching? What is the best program to teach kids from 10 to 15 years programming?
  28. What can parents do to encourage Coding Skills in their Kids?
  29. What are the best Techniques for Kids to learn Code and keep them excited as well?
  30. Is competitive programming a good way for kids to learn how to code?
  31. My kids are 4 and 2. Over the next 10 years, what do I need to prepare for (code for: worry about)?
  32. What is the earliest age for Kids to Professionally Learn Coding/Programming?
  33. Is Minecraft’s value as a stepping stone for kids coding overrated?
  34. What are the proven ways to introduce kids to coding?
  35. How important is it to teach Coding for Kids?
  36. How can I Teach Myself to Code?
  37. How do I Learn Python Programming the Most Effective Way?
  38. How do you Learn to Develop iOS Apps?
  39. How do I Learn Python in Depth?
  40. How should I Start Learning Python?
  41. What is the Best Method to Learn Coding?
  42. What are Some of the Best Ways to Learn Programming?
  43. How should you Start Learning Programming?
  44. What is the Best Program to Teach Kids from 10 to 15 Years Programming?
  45. What is the Best Way to Teach Kids Programming?
  46. How do we prepare our kids for the future now that we know AI and robots will take most jobs?
How can I Teach Myself to Code?

Learning to code is a difficult practice to learn, but is not out of reach for anyone – nor does it have to be predicated on a computer science degree. A huge part of picking up coding as a skill is maintaining a good work ethic and staying motivated. Before learning how to code, the student needs to learn how to learn effectively. Absorbing and retaining information is one of the base skills needed to become a competent software developer.


There are ample resources available online to facilitate a student learning coding by themselves. Some of the most reputable sources include khanacademy.org, codeacademy.com and codingdojo.com, who provide interactive tutorials that encourage direct engagement with a programming language. The hands-on approach is widely regarded as the best way to learn how to code, and these resources are extremely useful in aiding self directed learning. A mentor or study partner can also be of great benefit while learning – a source for feedback and criticism can help compound what is learned.

Each programming language has official documentation available which should ideally be their primary preference should they get stuck. Websites such as Stack Overflow, Quora and Yahoo Answers provide a question-and-answer style forum for developers of all levels who have ran into issues and need support.

Practice is probably the most important aspect to teaching yourself how to code – a student improves their coding skills by doing it often, rather than by just accumulating knowledge in one area. One of the best ways students teach themselves is by outlining and undertaking a personal project in order to stay interested in the work and keep motivated.

One of the most important things to consider while learning to code is the importance of understanding the fundamentals of programming. These will form the basis for almost any programming language a student may encounter. They are unavoidable, so a student should aim to learn them from the very beginning.


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